Joe Keenan

Digital Producer and
Business Applications Specialist

What I Do

I focus on helping nonprofits untangle their digital and technology platforms. From there, I help build and implement a cohesive system for acquiring and cultivating supporters. I've been doing this successfully for 22 years.

Key Focus

Program Strategy & Fundraising - I work closely with leadership teams, program directors, and business development teams to write business plans and pitches for digital programs and applications -- to secure project and program funding.

Project and
Program Focus

My work touches on just about every operation in nonprofit organizations. I help break down silos, show how the parts fit together, and how smooth-running systems create value for constituents and makes staff jobs easier and more fun.

My Expertise

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Online Fundraising Software

  • Community Building

  • Learning Management Systems

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Strategy & Publishing

  • Project Management Tools

  • Workflow and Automation for All of the Above

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